Life's good!

Long time no see ! I'm back in business at least for now. I'm having the greatest life wins -feeling and there are lot of reasons why to be happy. First of all the weather and the season: I simply LOVE summer! Secondly I'm so happy that I can finally start my studies next fall. I got into the Turku School of Economics to study international business ad my major. It's like a dream come true! Now I can start to make plans for the next trip abroad as being an exchange student in a couple of years. ;) Oh my, there are so many good places I haven't still seen! Also one nice thing that comes with the school is that the social environment will change quite a lot. At the moment I've been hanging out mostly with my room mate and colleagues so actually the amount of friends and acquaintances will totally explode when starting in Uni. Greatness!

The thing I'm the most happiest about is that I can study international business. I always liked to be abroad and to learn new things about people, cultures and language. This mixed with economics is really an interesting journey to begin soon.

Just a short thing to come to tell about, but I wanted to share this good and energetic feeling I'm having right now. Lastly I want to share a picture taken a couple of weeks ago in Ruisrock festival. The finnish text "älä vihaa" means strictly translated "don't hate" and it describes quite well my feelings right now. Love your life and everyone, simply: don't hate. Life's gooooooood! :)


  1. Oh! I am so happy for you! I would like to write about my studies, but I don't want to jinx or something. sooo.... :*

    1. haha I understand ;) later, later then :p